Get your shit together people. Ice challenge has been around for little over a month and now it’s getting attention because celebrities are doing it? This is fucking disgusting. California has been in a water crisis since SoCal became inhabited with a huge population; please use your common sense. Holy shit people are stupid. If you do want to do the ice challenge, dump ice in a tub and soak in it and film. Two birds one stone. Holy. Shit. /rant

Pretty sure the ice challenge was targeted to dumb Californians so stupidity can kill itself slowly and painfully.

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shit out of luck or what it feels like. if there’s something worth fighting for that’s it. for the time being no fucks are given so get the fuck out of my way. just gonna take it because i did fuck up and i deserve nothing.

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"Is [it] worth it?"

So I haven’t typed up anything in awhile so excuse the butchering of the English language and lacksidaisical attempt on correct prose.

Stupid and completely irrelevant, try-hard jokes aside, I am deciding to type up another entry to vent. Not really vent, get my thoughts out to people who pretend to care about wall-o-texts. Well that doesn’t really matter because I don’t care what anyone thinks of what will be said.

Years ago someone asked me if something was worth it? At that time I said it was. Now I find myself asking that same question. Back then I could not logically think, or had a lack of critical thinking abilities, but I see plenty of answers to keep “it” and to get rid of “it” … Feeling awkward with “it” being used — for fuck sake’s, I’m referring to “it” as an intangible concept. With that bullshit aside. I want to burn bridges. But bonds are like a bank because friendship grows with interest, right? I could be wrong because I never really had a big group of friends. Hell I guess it is then in my case. The reason why I want to part ways is because I’m losing more than what I can earn. I’m a real patient guy; I’m willing to work hard and sometimes I’ll wait for something without working and I’ll get on it. I’ve been thinking I ain’t workin’ hard ‘nuff and it cost me more trouble than what it’s worth. My greatest strength is my memory and the price I’m payin’ is god damn regret. I shouldn’t burn bridges because of my petty psychological/emotional pain. It’s like running because of a fear. I guess what I wanted to get at is: should I give up? I want to but every moment is — pardon my French — god damn fuckin’ worth it.

It’s the instant gratification that sucks me in like those “2 for $4” deals where one of whatever the fuck it is costs $3.50. My patience has always paid off everytime, most of the time, because I also grow as a person. Maybe I’m actually right about something from my early youth and it’s “worth it”.

I’ll take being content all day everyday. I guess I’ll endure regret a little more… Though I used to tell people in eskrima “No regret, no remorse”.

Oh, this partially explains why I’m a complete asshole sometimes and my bouts of blind rage.

TL;DR ver:
Worth it.

Edit from 8/15/14:
Found this post in my drafts I guess Past-me saving me from present-me.

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